Mumma’s Chumpi Oil



About Mumma’s Chumpi Oil

The sulphur and antioxidant present in this Onion hair oil will regenerate and strengthen your dried hair roots and also gonna stop hair greying and restore them to its natural color.

The Garlic extract present in this oil will increase the blood flow of the scalp and will help to fight bacteria. Curry Leaves & Fenugreek extract will stop hair thinning & will keep your hair moisturized & dandruff free.


*Unisex Hair Oil for all Hair types.


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Mumma’s Oil Recipe

Coconut Oil 42%, Mustard Oil 42%, Onion 9.5%, Mumma’s, Garlic 3%, Curry Leaves 1.5%, Fenugreek 1.5%, CHUMPI, Vitamin E 0.5%.


How To Use:

All you need, is a good Chumpi. Apply a handful at night and wash with the shampoo in the morning, do it twice a week.

For better result apply daily at night. So say hi to your healthy hair, as hair fall will stop in a week. You can also use this to remove skin tanning.



If you have any dandruff, then use this oil after using any dandruff control shampoo.


Net Vel :

100 ml


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