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Check out the best Silver Nazariya Anklet for Ladies. Nazariya Anklet is available online and is deliverable all across India. It is made up of 925 Sterling silver.

This is a single piece Silver Nazariya Anklet for Ladies


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Silver Nazariya Anklet for Ladies / Girls


Made of Sterling Silver 925 Hallmarked
Length –  inch


This is also called as Evil Eye Payal.


Nazariya Anklet for Girls


India is well-known for its unique culture and legacy, and anklets have long been a trademark of Indian fashion. Some people believe that putting a black thread around the ankle can help them feel better. Some people wear a Nazariya anklet to protect them against bad luck and ill intent.


This anklet is one you’ll want to wear all the time. The nazariyas are fashioned of loops and black beads, and they have an evil eye on them, making them an excellent good luck symbol. Purchase them right now to avoid the bad.


Anyone may wear nazariya anklets since they are traditional yet stylish and protect you from the evil eye. It is a perfect gift for females.


These nazariya anklets with evil eyes are really fashionable and attractive. It is thought that its protective eye will guard us from jealously and danger, thus they are presented to bless and protect people we sincerely admire.


The nazariya anklet will guard you, repel and reflect intrusions, offer you good luck, and protect you and your family.


Wear these lovely nazariya anklets from Skik India to keep any negative energy away.


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Dimensions 5 × 103 × 10 cm



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